June 18th, 2012

The Affordable Alternative

By realestateSydney - June 18th, 2012, 21:00, Category: General

Warwick Farm is a well-established and large suburb of Sydney. The majority of residents are currently employed and are mostly middle income earners. A fairly large proportion of the residents of Warwick Farm are younger families and this is a good indication that this is an up and coming neighbourhood with prices that are still reasonable for those just starting out. It makes a more affordable alternative to the neighbouring Cabramatta and Lansvale. As far as investment potential, prices in Warwick Farm have taken a little knock in the global recession but overall growth for this particular suburb has still outperformed that of the overall region.

When it comes to getting home loans in this area, it is a fairly safe bet that you will be successful the homes in the area tend to be better kept up and tend to offer good value for money. Add to this the fact that the median house prices have shown quite a good recovery rate over the past few years and you have the makings of good collateral for the banks. It is a good idea to get an expert in real estate Macquarie Fields to discuss this aspect with you in a little bit more depth.

The neighbourhood itself is not far from the Sydney CBD making it quite a convenient location for those who need to work in Sydney itself. It is well set up with a good infrastructure and two very good schools. The majority of the homes in the area are stand-alone houses and this may leave some scope for commercial developers looking to set up blocks of flats or semi-detached houses. It should always be remembered however that the vast majority of home owners in Warwick Farm are looking for family homes.

Warwick Farm was a very popular centre for Grand Prix racing in the sixties and the Warwick Farm Raceway was one of the premier motor racing sites during this period. Nowadays, the Raceway is defunct but it still makes an interesting back story. Today you will have to concentrate your attention on a different kind of horsepower at the Warwick Race Course. Today it is the venue for some fine thorough bred horseracing.

As far as entertainment in the area goes, there are a few good restaurants and quite a few parks to choose from making this a great place for those with young kiddies and those who are looking for something a little more sophisticated as well. Overall, this is a pretty well rounded suburb.



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