May 2011

Deriving Income from Renting Your Home

By realestateSydney - May 31st, 2011, 19:23, Category: General

       Life is a series of progressions from the time we are born. Crawling to walking, gurgling to talking, babe to toddler to teen and then maturity. Before we know it we are married with children of our own and we then observe their progress through life. We have been very comfortable in our family home and then suddenly we have an empty nest. The chicks have flown off to find independence. To add to this progression retirement comes along, and we ponder how to spend it without vegetating or being bored to death. Aha! Why not travel? It is now a possibility.

 With a newly acquired caravan or motor home we have an open road before us. We can go in any direction we choose, and the thought is both exciting and liberating. Firstly, we must make a decision as to the home we are occupying. Do we put dust covers on the furniture, turn off the power, lock it up and just go? Insurance will cover damage in our absence for only a limited time, so long term travel is not possible. Perhaps it would be best to rent it out through a real estate Sydney  agency, thereby recouping some of our travel expenses as in park fees and fuel for the vehicle.

 This scenario is probably more common today than you think. Grey nomads are everywhere, enjoying life to the fullest. Many of them have turned their family home into an income earning investment by renting it out through property management Sydney firms. By doing this not only can they cover most of their travel expenses, but also have money left over with which they can pay rates and save as well. This makes more sense than leaving a home empty and vulnerable to damage by vandals. The rented premises then becomes a business asset and is in line for taxation benefits for depreciation, which has not previously been available being their principal place of residence.

 When your investment home is placed in the hands of property management, and you have worked out the depreciation schedule you would like with a good accountant, you too can live life free of hassles. Choosing this option makes good sense. You earn income while you are having a great time and your home is in good hands and regularly checked over by professional people. Tenants are thoroughly screened ensuring only suitable tenants will be renting your home. Relax and enjoy the fact that your family home is now an investment home which is giving you a financial boost.

Stemming the Tide of Homeless People

By realestateSydney - May 24th, 2011, 21:26, Category: General

Governments have not been able to keep up with the growing need for infrastructure and affordable housing to keep pace with current demands. Immigration numbers are outstripping accommodation availability and more needs to be done to address the situation. With the number of homeless people growing at an alarming rate the Government has made a start in the right direction with the creation of a scheme to encourage developers to make affordable accommodation available in return for incentives by way of grants. If the expected target is met within the next few years it will mean affordable housing for many people who are currently homeless.


Rental accommodation through real estate Campbelltown agencies at times have higher rental fees than many people can afford. Every year it seems to be more difficult (especially for low income families) to keep a roof over their heads with inflation increasing at an alarming rate affecting every aspect of human needs. Governments have not been able to keep up with the demand for public housing in the past and because immigration has outstripped needed infrastructure this has made the situation an urgent one. People should not be living in cars or on the street in a civilized country like ours.

 The end result of the acute housing shortage has been the creation of a government department to interact with housing developers in order to produce more affordable rentals for people in need. The National Rental Affordability Scheme works by creating incentives for developers when they agree to rent their developments at 20% under the going market rental making it more affordable for those on low incomes. Grants are given to those who agree to these terms thereby easing the situation somewhat. This form of property management Sydney  has been timely and welcomed by those in need.

 By offering developers incentives in the form of grants to develop affordable housing benefits will flow on to the community in the form of employment opportunities through the building of new infrastructure for new areas opening up. More housing brings new people, which means more shops, schools etc are needed and in turn this creates more employment. Established firms benefit by gaining new customers who become regulars buying their goods creating a circle of opportunity for all concerned. The expected and hoped for increase in available affordable homes should be around 100,000 within the next few years. Let us hope this target is reached.



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