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Information on the First Home Owners Grant

By realestateSydney - July 31st, 2011, 19:19, Category: General

Saving money is hard, especially trying to save a deposit for a house, but it is not impossible. Sometimes it means pulling your belt in a little tighter and cutting down on your spending. The Australian Government has also put together a grant package to help first home buyers to buy their first home. This package can be used towards the deposit on your home, most banks will take this as part of the deposit as long as you have a savings record of six months or more. This grant has been a great help for many first home buyers just starting out.

Once you have approval from your bank you can then start to look around for a suitable home within the price range you have been approved for. Real estate Sydney professionals can help you to narrow down the list of potential homes if you know exactly what you are looking for. This will save you time and fuel running around looking at all of them. With the first home owners grant to help boost the amount you can borrow, you should have no trouble finding the home of your dreams.

With the first home buyers grant you could be eligible for $7000 towards buying your first home. There are a few conditions such as you cannot get the grant if you are only buying a block of vacant land. The grant is provided for existing residential homes. There is no income test or assets tests, anyone is eligible to apply as long as this is the first home they have owned. Premises such as holiday homes, businesses or renovations to an existing home do not qualify for this particular grant.

There are a few rules to being granted the first home buyers grant and this web page lists what the criteria is. http://www.osr.nsw.gov.au/lib/doc/factsheets/fs_fhb1.pdf. If you are looking to buy a home and want to apply for the first home owners grant, you can check out the website to see if you qualify for it.

This government grant has helped many people to become home owners when many thought it an impossible dream. Owning your own home for many was just that, a dream. It is no longer a dream anymore, it is a reality for many.

If you are just looking for an investment property, then property management Sydney professionals will be able to assist you with this. The grant does not cover investment properties though so you will have to discuss your assets and finances with the bank in that instance.

Tenancy Agreements For Rental Homes

By realestateSydney - July 27th, 2011, 20:05, Category: General

What is a tenancy agreement? Well it is just another agreement between two parties where rights and responsibilities of each party is clearly defined. It is a legally binding document that must be read clearly and understood by both parties before they each sign it. Once the landlord and tenants agree to the terms within they must abide by it or they are held responsible for breaching it. A tenancy agreement comes under the umbrella of the Residential Tenancies Authority, and was put into force to prevent disputes over misunderstandings and to protect both landlord and tenant. This makes for a more harmonious relationship between them.


When someone spends a substantial amount of money on an investment for future financial security, they naturally want it to be successful and make sure it is protected. This is true in the matter of investment rental homes as this type of real estate Sydney has been bought at a high price. If a landlord was not careful and let anyone rent his home, his investment could go into a downhill slide costing him money instead of being financially rewarding. Having a tenancy agreement in place affords the landlord a measure of protection for his investment and gives some peace of mind.


A tenancy agreement also protects the tenant from being lumbered unfairly by hidden charges out of the blue, such as any extra charges such as water usage and garden maintenance if used, as they must be clearly specified in the agreement and tenants must be made aware of them before they sign it. If the landlord has engaged property management Sydney to care for his investment, then they must ensure this is done on the landlordís behalf. With a tenancy agreement in place each party is aware of their responsibilities to the other, as well as their rights, and thus no unclear issues to cause disputes.


Tenancy agreements are really just another form of contract between people, in the same way people agree to hire purchase terms or bank terms when buying homes. They are not difficult to understand and are meant to make sure all are treated fairly and to ensure the tenancy is happy and trouble free for both parties. The Rental Bond Authority was created for much the same reason, so that if the landlordís investment has suffered damage or loss through unpaid rent he can recover some of it through the bond. If on the other hand, the tenants have done the right thing and cared for the property well, they will have the bond returned to them after the premises have been inspected.

Are You Buying Or Selling A Heritage Home?

By realestateSydney - July 19th, 2011, 17:58, Category: General

Heritage is an important issue in every culture and is like a personal signature for each individual nation. It shows our history and the age of a particular area, nation or building, and gives added value historically. Wherever there is something that has historical value, it becomes an item that becomes a concern for conservation, and eventually becomes what is known as ďheritage listedĒ. Beautiful old buildings in cities and suburban homes of the same era hark back to the beginnings of settlement in most areas of the world, and give some insight into early life there like a constant time capsule for future generations.


When you buy a home that you realize has historical significance you can apply to have it heritage listed to ensure it is protected from future development and demolition. Where a heritage home has sustained damage through fire or natural disasters, the owner should try to restore the home to its original condition keeping the same style of internal walls where possible, or as close to it as possible even though this is not compulsory. Heritage homes actually improve the value of the area they are in, and rates are assessed on the current area development and not on any future real estate Sydney development. Alterations inside heritage homes can be made to meet modern living standards, and professional help is available for those who wish the changes to stay as close as possible to the original design. Permission from council to paint the outside walls of the home is not needed.


Heritage homes should always be retained where they form part of a heritage area, but there are occasionally people who want to demolish one of these homes. To do this in a heritage listed by a Property Management Sydney agency it would firstly be necessary to ascertain whether the demolition of the home in question would impact on the heritage value of the area. As well as this a report from a heritage or conservation architect would be necessary to evaluate the condition of the home and what steps could be taken to retain it. Normally demolition would only be possible where the home does not significantly contribute to the character and significance of the heritage area.


When selling a heritage home, buyers need to reassure as to making changes to the home as there are many people who are convinced that you may not alter heritage homes in any way. One way of doing this would be to contact your local council and ask for some paperwork on the subject that you can show to prospective buyers. Most people who buy these homes love their style and choose to keep them the way they are.

Living with Mortgage Stress

By realestateSydney - July 12th, 2011, 20:01, Category: General

Everyone is elated when they realize the great Australian dream, and sign on the dotted line of their newly acquired mortgage, giving them the chance of home ownership. It is ever so exhilarating to be handed the keys to your new home, knowing you can move all your possessions inside and have somewhere to call your own, and never have to sign another rental lease agreement. These are the things that dreams are made of and unfortunately like a dream we sometimes wake up to an unpleasant reality. Sometimes it is because we have been too impulsive to take in important factors like future interest and rate rises and lost jobs.


Sometimes acquiring real estate Sydney is easier than holding on to it for many of us. Even singles and couples are not immune to the problems that plague families trying to raise children and keep up with rising inflation making mortgages harder to keep up with. We are all affected by inflation, and once we buy a home we have to deal with interest rises that increase our monthly payments, and council rates going up yearly making life just that little bit harder for all of us. There are times that we feel we were better off when we were paying rent, even if it was high, because at least there was no house to lose or rates to pay.


However once we have acquired our real estate Liverpool and down the road we find we are overwhelmed by our financial situation, know that in the foreseeable future we will not be able to manage our mortgage, we need to take steps to address the situation before things get too far out of control. We need to take time out to speak with our bank manager to see if there is a way we can get around the problem, by refinancing, putting the loan over a longer period, or renegotiating terms if possible. If after discussions you have been successful in maintaining your home that is wonderful.


If after all avenues have been sourced and you have not been able to meet with success, then it is time to be realistic and sell the home for the sake of your own health This way you will be rid of the mortgage and the stress that it has been causing. The longer you put it off the closer you come to foreclosure by the bank, so donít delay, act now. Be realistic when it comes to the sale price when there is a market slump or your home will take a lot longer to sell.



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