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The Lowdown on Campbelltown

By realestateSydney - August 30th, 2011, 23:18, Category: General

After having made the decision to move interstate, into a suburb that is not too far away from the city and have chosen New South Wales as the state you want to live in, you will naturally want to check out Sydney, and itís suburbs to find one that matches your requirements. Sydney is quite a large city, sprawling out in all directions, and distinctive in having the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, which is a work of art in itself. It is home to a large variety of nationalities, and this had led to the introduction of international cuisine to delight our Aussie tastebuds.

Many rentals owned by investors in the western suburbs of Sydney are handled by professional property management Campbelltown agencies and real estates, so if you are thinking of buying an investment property head to one of the agencies and get some advice on the best place to buy. Once you make your purchase, list it with them and let them take care of it for you. If you are wishing to rent or buy, the real estate agency is also the place to go to find what you need. If there is a specific suburb you have in mind just let them know and they will find something for you in their large portfolios.

The area known as the city of Campbelltown is quite a large suburb of Sydney, boasting a population of well over 150,000 inhabitants. Located 51 kilometres south west of the Sydney central business district, it is still close enough to the city for the convenience of most people. With adequate rail transport, it is also very well serviced by buses making public transport available for those in need of it. Property management Sydney is also available in this area, which is home to many celebrities, television stars, sporting stars athletes and football heroes and boasts two radio stations of itís own. There are also motels to accommodate those who are travelling.

With 3 public schools, 1 Catholic and 1 Anglican primary school, St Patricks College and the University education facilities are assured. For those who love to dine out there are plenty of choices for restaurants, offering a variety of food types. There is also a yearly Festival of Fischerís Ghost that began after the ghost of a man murdered appeared to an inhabitant of the area many years ago. Why not move to Campbelltown and take part in it?

Rental Bonds-Why are They Necessary?

By realestateSydney - August 23rd, 2011, 23:43, Category: General

With the present accommodation crisis one has to be thankful for a roof over their head, whether it is owned or rented. So many people are homeless for all kinds of reasons. Some have just not been able to get into a rental home and stay with friends or relatives when possible. Others are fortunate enough to own their own home plus have another one rented out for investment purposes, building capital for the time of their retirement. This has been achieved not by luck but by single mindedness, aiming for a set goal, and hard work to be able to reach it.

This being the case, their investment is something that must be protected at all costs to ensure a successful outcome. One protection is Landlord Insurance for natural disasters and loss or damage due to the actions of tenants. Another is the rental bond that is paid by tenants after the lease is signed by tenants and landlord, or his property management Campbelltown. Then a receipt for payment of the rental bond is issued to the tenants by the landlord or his property management.

The rental bond must be lodged with the Rental Bond Authority within a set time or a fine will be imposed on either the landlord or property manager. Once received by the RTA, a receipt of acknowledgement of lodgement is issued by them to the tenants. The tenantís name will be assigned a number in this receipt and it must be kept safe in order for it to be refunded at the end of the lease. If this receipt has not arrived within three weeks the tenant should check with the RTA to ascertain if it has indeed been lodged by the landlord or his property management Sydney.

Rental bonds are necessary and are vital in protecting both the landlord and the tenant. In the past some unscrupulous owners have lodged false claims as to damage and kept the bond money that they were paid. This is why the RTA was created, as it holds the bond money until any matters have been investigated and cleared up. If all is well the money is returned to the tenants, but if damage has been done and the property neglected, the money will be given to the landlord to help towards the cost of repairs that are needed, covering lost income while they are being done. This creates a fair system and makes for a better relationship between the landlord and the tenants renting his premises.

Are Pre-Sale Renovations Wise?

By realestateSydney - August 18th, 2011, 19:31, Category: General

When selling a home it is a normal desire to obtain as high a price as possible for the premises, and many owners go to extremes to make this happen, only to find that it has not made the difference they thought it would, but instead served to make potential buyers move on to check out other homes instead. This is because they over capitalised on installing items like swimming pools, games rooms or other extensions that many people donít find necessary which in turn raised the overall price of the property. In many cases, people have their own ideas as to what works for them or does not and often prefer to make their own changes to a new home.

Real estate Sydney differs in value between areas and therefore has a lot to do with the price you can reasonably expect to get before any renovations are carried out. If you have been given some advice by someone in real estate who has knowledge in this area, as to what renovations may help get a better price, then carry on. But donít do renovations that have not been advised as you may just be throwing good money away doing them and not getting the desired outcome anyway.

If you are unsure, then concentrate on the general condition of your home. For example, how is your paintwork holding up? Does it need redoing or touching up perhaps? Are your floors all sound with no loose boards, and the house stumps in good shape? Check your windows if they are the older style to ensure that no putty is missing around the glass edge. If your fence is in a less than desirable condition, do something about it to push up the eye appeal of your home which will also help your desired price seem reasonable to buyers. The right property management Sydney will most likely up your chances more for a better price than expensive renovations.

After repairs have been done, give the premises a through clean, making carpets, kitchen and bathroom priority areas. Then think about the first view buyers see when they arrive, and that is your front yard of course. If you do the right thing, they will see carefully tended, weed free gardens, neatly mown lawns behind a fence that does not need repair. First impressions count for a lot and are lasting. Make sure yours is a good one. If you have take care of all the above and are still thinking more could be done, see your local real estate, and get professional advice. This is all part of their expertise, and they will give you the right advice.

When Tenancy Agreements Should Be Lodged

By realestateSydney - August 8th, 2011, 18:18, Category: General

A tenancy agreement is a contract that is signed between tenants and a lessor or agent when a house is rented. This agreement helps to protect the tenants and the lessor or agent from any problems that may occur. When signed, this agreement is binding for both the tenant and the lessor. By law, if the tenant does something that is in opposites with the agreement such as loud parties or not paying the rent etc, then the agent or lessor may terminate the agreement and evict the tenant. The agreement also stops the tenant or lessor from raising the rent during the term of the agreement.

A tenancy agreement is a contract that you sign, agreeing to rent the place for a period of time, you can get a lease from 3 Ė 12 months or as agreed. If you are a property owner and are looking for help with managing your rental properties then property management Campbelltown professionals can help you to maximise your properties and get the most out of them. A property manager can help you by taking care of lease agreements, making sure that rent is paid on time and take care of any maintenance issues that may arise on the rental premises.

For a tenant, they must read through the agreement thoroughly and make sure everything is in order, before signing the agreement. Whether you are renting to friends or family, a written agreement must be put into place. It is also important for the lessor to provide a copy of the tenancy agreement to the tenant, so make sure that you get a copy of the agreement from the landlord.

On the tenancy agreement, it states what the tenant and the lessor or agent can and cannot do, as well as the period the lease starts from and when it ends. When the lease ends, you can renegotiate with the owner about the terms of the lease. How the tenant should pay the rent and how much to pay and any special terms or agreements are also included on the lease as well as whether or not pets are allowed. Most of the time the lessor or agent will be open to discuss pets, but not all the time.

If you are unsure about anything, you can always discuss things with a property management Sydney professional who will be able to help you with your inquiries. Always make sure that a lease is signed, not only to protect the lessor or agent, but to protect yourself as well.



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