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Prime Living in Austral

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There are many towns with historical significance that have graced our Australian history and made our country the great place that it is today. Many places have events that have helped to shape our great nation, even rural areas of Australia such as Austral. Austral is a small country area consisting mostly of farm area with a township. The area was settled in 1818 and was used mostly for farming, although in the 1920’s a soldier settlement scheme was set up but due to the Depression, this was unsuccessful. During the post-war years the most significant development was set up.

This area has remained mostly an area of small farms. Any development in the area is the subdivision of the township itself. Rural living has its advantages such as growing your own fruit and vegetables, maybe even have a few chickens to provide eggs. If you need a change, then you should have a talk to your real estate Sydney agent to see what is available around the Austral area. The area was originally settled by the Darug tribe who were driven off there land by British settlers when the first fleet landed in 1788.

The area was originally surveyed by Meehan in the early nineteenth century; he was brought over as a convict for his role in the Irish rebellion in 1798. Because of his training as a surveyor, he was appointed to an assistant to surveyor General Charles Grimes and later granted a full pardon in 1810 because of his work.

Features of Austral include Craik Park and the area sports one school. Since the mid 90’s the area’s population has remained relatively stable as has the dwelling stock. The boundaries of this quaint, rural town consist of the Sydney water supply channel in the east, Bringelly Road in the in the south, Kemps Creek in the west and the transmission line in the north.

This great little place has a lot to offer in the way of quiet and peaceful rural living, so why not have a talk to your local real estate Liverpool agent and see if you can grab a peace of rural paradise for yourself and your family. It is a great place to raise kids away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Austral is a great little place to settle down and raise a family or even to retire to. If you are looking for a place to do either of those things, then this is the place to come to.

Bow Bowing –Another Sydney Suburb

By realestateSydney - October 18th, 2011, 22:22, Category: General

Established in 1976 and with a population of over two thousand residents, Bow Bowing is a reasonably new suburb compared to the early well established ones. Only a distance of 55km from the Sydney CBD it is conveniently situated for shopping and entertainment outings. The suburb was named after a local creek, before which it was called Saggart’s Field after some local residents. The first school was also named after this family but later renamed Minto Public School. It was nearly made into a Housing Commission area at one time, but the idea was overturned because of public concerns. The official opening of the suburb did not eventuate until 1990.

Early learning and child care centres are available for those requiring these facilities and there are florists, a gift basket shop, and a party supplies shop for that special gift giving. There is quite an extensive range of business in the area, including industrial cleaning, petrol stations, pest control, plumbers, construction and architects. There are many more businesses of various types as well as the previously listed, and if you need a mechanic or accountant then you are in luck. Real estate Sydney agencies service the area and will be helpful in getting you into available rental accommodation or your own private home.

For those with a view to investing in this area there are property management Sydney agencies ready to take care of all your rental business for you, saving you time and effort and leaving you free for other activities. Nicely set out with beautiful homes, Bow Bowing is an ideal place for either residents or investors. For those who are looking to keep fit or just to get fit there is a local gym for working out, and for those who are just foodies there is a takeaway food store that also offers home deliveries. Hotels and motels for travellers can be found at nearby suburbs a short drive away.

For a day out with the kids pack a picnic and a bat and ball and head out to the Bow Bowing Park which is big enough for numerous families to enjoy. Many of the homes in the area are fortunate to own a swimming pool for those hot summer days, so if you are in the process of home buying, check with your real estate agent and ask for a house with a pool. Summer will be cooler and a whole lot more enjoyable for the family.

Suburban Living at Blair Athol

By realestateSydney - October 12th, 2011, 0:40, Category: General

Supporting a population of nearly 3000 people, the town of Blair Athol is booming. This charming town started out with the intention of being turned into a prime industrial area decades ago, but has instead been claimed as a suburban area. It is now being promoted as Campbelltown’s newest suburb. Three historical homes remain in tact, Blair Athol, Stone Cottage and The Kraal. These gorgeous homes will remain as heritage listed and the land below them will become a prime suburban residential area. The many streets around this area have been named for the historical buildings and colourful characters that graced the area.

Street names such as The Kraal Drive, Blair Athol Drive and Stone Cottage Place are among some of these. There was also a proposal to name some of the streets after two of the most fondly remembered pubs – Lacks Hotel and The Royal Hotel which were torn down in the 1980’s. Other streets have also been named for other buildings which had a historical significance to the area. Real estate Sydney developers have made an effort to keep these historical buildings alive in the naming of these streets.

With the growing population in Australia, more suburban areas are being developed; some of them even previously rural areas. Places like Blair Athol that combine the history and modern living together are places that you would be proud to raise a family in. Displaying our history proudly in amongst the modernization of this day and age is more acceptable by developers and investors these days then what it used to be. A lot of Australia’s historical buildings, instead of being torn down to make room for new and flashier homes, are not being protected and preserved for future generations.

The council agreed in June of 1992 to a rezoning of the area which opened up the door to developers. It was argued that the land could still provide good industrial employment in the future but others insisted that the area was better for suburbia given that it was close to transport and business. Eventually it was approved and development of the area began.

More then 300 people were employed when a company called Johnson and Johnson set up in the area and the grateful council named a road after this company. At the beginning of the 1990’s though this company closed its doors and centred its operations in Botany. Due to the lack of need for industrial property in the area the site remained empty. This prime real estate Blair Athol was then approved for suburban development by the council and is now a bustling community with some areas still in the development stage.

Ashcroft – A Developing Suburb

By realestateSydney - October 4th, 2011, 20:56, Category: General

Sydney is a sprawling metropolis spread out over a huge area and containing numerous suburbs within its outer limits. Many suburbs are so large they are much like a city in a city and have administrations of their own. A large proportion of these suburbs was established many years ago and show their age by the housing that was built with early convict labour. Suburbs have been added to the city constantly through the years and many are reasonably recent additions to the list. Many suburbs have become home to our new immigrants, bringing with them diversity in cuisine, culture and religion.

Many older areas have been fortunate enough to have lovely old buildings from the time of the establishment of the city nationally recognized and protected under the heritage listing. This gives visitors an insight as to the beginnings of this capital city, and protects our heritage for future generations to enjoy. Real estate Sydney is still being opened up by developers, creating new estates and suburbs while steadily expanding the city limits in order to meet the needs of a booming population. One of the reasonably newer suburbs is Ashcroft which was only established as late as 1972.

Ashcroft is one of the south western suburbs and is only thirty five kilometres away from the Sydney CBD. It was originally established as part of the Housing Commission’s Green Valley project, and was named after the Ashcroft pioneering family who were involved in meat wholesale and retail and the nearby Homebush abattoir. Notables who have lived in this real estate Liverpool area include politicians, singing and sporting stars. Ashcroft has a public high school and a public primary school which is multicultural and ranges for prep to year six. It has a breakfast program run through the Red Cross with a roll call of approximately two hundred and sixty five students. They also have a pre-school program with play group twice weekly.

For family pets there is an animal hospital and vet clinic available, childcare centres are available for working mums with small children who are too young for school. Miller shopping centre will cater for family needs and/or just a girl’s day shopping spree. For any item not locally available, it is only a short drive to the city CBD where you can shop and have dinner out or relax with a coffee while you are there. Of course you can pick up a Chinese dinner on the way home as there are three excellent Chinese restaurants available. As this is only a newer suburb more development is sure to be forthcoming in the future.



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