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Glen Alpine

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With a population of over 4,000 residents, Glen Alpine is situated 56km south west of the Sydney CBD. The suburb is named after a home built by a resident back in the early 1800s, which burnt down early in the 1900s. Starting out as a golf course estate, the suburb was gradually built up around the design of the golf course, and then sprawled toward the MacArthur shopping centre. Later additions were a tennis complex and a local shopping centre. The house blocks in this suburb tend to be quite large and the area is considered to be upmarket, with many homes having private swimming pools and tennis courts.

The homes in this area of real estate Macquarie Fields are quite grand and large in size emphasising their upmarket standing. Most of these homeowners are wealthy people from English backgrounds. The name of Glen Alpine for the suburb was approved officially in 1976. Growth of the suburb suffered delay due to the inability of the Water Board of NSW to provide sewerage for the area for ten years. Predictions have been made that by the time the suburb is complete it will contain 1200 homes. Whether this prediction will come true or not is yet to be seen.

The majority of homes in this area are privately owned or in the process of being owned so homes under property management Sydney would be a rarity. Many of the streets are named after the old homesteads and farms that were in the area before development began adding a heritage flavour to the suburb. Glen Alpine has a shopping centre, and is not far from the McArthur shopping centre as well as having other centres in neighbouring suburbs. A short drive to the city will take care of any items not available locally.

School aged children will find it necessary to travel to neighbouring suburbs for educational facilities as Glen Alpine has none of its own. Fortunately they are not a great distance away and can be reached in a short time by car or bus. There are a few parks (reserves) around the area for taking the kids out for a game of ball, or going for a bit of a jog. A family outing on the weekend to the park isnít a bad idea either, a good way of spending quality time together. As this is a relatively new suburb there is not a lot of information available at the moment but more can be acquired by contacting your nearest real estate agency.

Checking Out Eschol Park

By realestateSydney - December 20th, 2011, 17:48, Category: General

The name of this Sydney suburb is actually a misnomer, the original spelling of the name being changed through confusion and given permanent status by the Geographical Names Board. It was originally spelled Eshcol by the owner of the land at the time after a biblical location. Once an area of vineyards it was devastated by a disease that brought an end to the wine making industry and dairy cattle became the main focus of the area. This continued until the 1970ís when housing developments required land and the beginning of a suburb emerged. Due to its early winemaking history the streets have been named after different wines.

This Sydney suburb is located 60 km south west of the city CBD, and was established in 1978 and has a population of nearly 3,000 residents. In the early 1980s a sports complex was opened in the area followed by a primary school in 1985. The main house of the old estate, named Eschol Park House, is now heritage listed and used as a venue for weddings and business functions. It is a grand old building surrounded by landscaped gardens and neatly manicured lawns, a popular setting for newlyweds to be and a prime piece of real estate Liverpool. As well as the primary school, Eschol Park has its own kindergarten and child care centre with others located close by in neighbouring suburbs. It also has a wine shop for those who like a nightcap.

Medical care can be found in neighbouring suburbs clinics, and you will have to venture there for veterinary care as well. Happily the suburbs are all close by so it is only a short drive. Rail transport is available in neighbouring suburbs and can be reached by car or bus. Not a lot of infrastructure is to be found in this suburb and this is not surprising as it is another of the younger additions to Sydney. As time moves on and people move in this of course will all change. If you are thinking of moving to this area then check with a real estate Sydney agency to get an idea of what there is that meets your needs.

Together with the sports complex there are a couple of parks, (called reserves), that can be set as your weekend destination, depending on whether you wish to be active or just chill out and enjoy a quiet picnic. In time to come there is sure to be more information about this suburb listed online for all to see.

Chatting About Casula

By realestateSydney - December 13th, 2011, 17:50, Category: General

There are numerous relatively new suburbs in Sydney with not a lot of history to speak of, but with the potential for enormous future growth. With the increase in population due to immigration, the need for more living space has led to new suburban areas springing up in most cities. Development of these areas sometimes slows due to different factors occasionally but they often experience a sudden growth spurt later on. Some areas have had a past history of being productive farmland or have been used for fruit growing before becoming firmly established as suburbs for the populace. Casula is one of these places.

As far back as the 1800ís Casula was mainly used for raising poultry and growing fruit and vegetables. Nothing much changed until 1970 when a growth spurt took place right up to the 1980ís. From the 90ís onward the population continued to increase doubling the number of residents between then and 2006. Property management Sydney changed directions from farmland to residential and never looked back. Casula is situated 35km south west of Sydney, making city shopping or entertainment only a short drive away. The population now stands at over 13,000.

The real estate Ingleburn in Casula offers a convenient lifestyle with transport provided by
bus runs and train services via the local railway station. Casula shopping mall consists of some of the more popular stores like Franklins, Kmart and Coles plus 40 or more speciality shops, while the Homemaker Centre has a Bunningís Hardware, bedroom furniture and appliance stores. For educational purposes Casula has its own public primary and high schools, plus a Catholic College. Besides a medical centre in the mall, others can be found in nearby Liverpool which also has a hospital.

The Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre building was originally an old power station, and is now a notable asset to the suburb. As well as lovely parks to visit, you can go for an amble along a bushland walking track while enjoying the sweet tones of the bellbirds along the way. If you are a visitor to the area, why not pick up some takeaway food and make a day of it, enjoying your food in the great outdoors in lovely surroundings? If you are already a resident of this suburb, pack a picnic and get to know your suburb in your leisure hours. Then again if you are one of the people longing for a tree change interstate, see your local real estate agent and ask for information concerning this area. You may become a new resident.

Checking Out Cartwright

By realestateSydney - December 7th, 2011, 22:36, Category: General

Cartwright, one of the numerous suburbs belonging to the city of Sydney, lies 38km south west of the cityís CBD. Owing to it being established only in 1972 the population is relatively small, with just over 2000 residents living there. Cartwright is surrounded by eight other suburbs and was included as part of the Green Valley Housing Estate in the 1960ís, and therefore has a mixture of flats and houses. Many streets are cul de sacs with pathways between houses created to enable access for pedestrians to other streets. As with all newer suburbs there is room for growth.

If you are considering investing or buying real estate Sydney in Cartwright, check out the local agencies in the area in order to get an overview of the area regarding property values, potential for financial security, and suitability for family living. If you are interested in setting up a business in the area, local council authorities could help you with all the necessary information on regulations and such. They are to be found in the neighbouring suburb of Liverpool and would be happy to assist you in your endeavour. An increase in residents and business makes for growth of the suburb, increasing the need for more infrastructures and creating employment as a result.

Whatever the type of real estate Liverpool you are interested in, you will still need to have knowledge of transport availabilities in the area and connections to the city, especially if you are a regular commuter. Cartwright is serviced by a bus line which uses the T-Way bus lanes plus a Busabout service with four different bus routes and for those needing rail services the nearest train service is located at Liverpool station. Shopping can be taken care of in the nearby Miller shopping centre and Sydney CBD is also a short trip away for those wanting specific items or an evening of entertainment. The nearest hospital is located in Liverpool and medical centres are available in surrounding suburbs.

For families with school age children, educational facilities and their whereabouts will be a definite necessity. Cartwright has its own public primary school, as well as MacArthur Community College which is conveniently situated within the primary school grounds. The school also has a dental service for the children. For those with older children attending high school, this facility is to be found in the neighbouring suburb of Miller just a short drive away by bus or car. There are a number of child care services to be found in neighbouring suburbs for those working mums with toddlers not yet pre school age.



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