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Hop Into Hoxton Park

By realestateSydney - February 29th, 2012, 16:57, Category: General

Another recently established suburb built on land previously used for farming purposes is Hoxton Park. Situated 38km west of the Sydney CBD and with a population of over 3,600 residents, it is another area with potential for much growth ahead. Prior to 2008 a small airport existed in this area, but was closed and demolished later. Hoxton Park was given its name in 1887, and an early weatherboard homestead built around 1857 still stands and has been given Heritage listing protection. Hoxton Park is also home to numerous churches of different styles and religious denominations.

Busabout transport has services linking Hoxton Park to Liverpool and other western suburbs for those who need public transport to commute to these areas. For recreation residents can go ice skating as there is a rink readily available. Hoxton Park has both a public primary school and a public high school providing educational needs for school students, as well as a Catholic primary school. There are a number of diverse businesses in this suburb, some of them being Bunning’s, Liquorland, self storage units, a tyre company, a hire company, electricians, Officeworks and more. For those wishing to buy into this area of real estate Macquarie Fields, there are estate agencies available to check out.

If you are interested in buying a rental investment home in this area make sure you put it in the hands of reliable property management Sydney once you make the purchase. They will save you time, money and stress. The Liverpool Catholic Club, where the ice skating rink is located also has many other features. As well as the ice skating there are facilities for gym and golf. Other pastimes include ballroom dancing and poker games, plus a bar and grill and include an event complex for business conferences, weddings and more. Entertainment is provided with live shows, bingo and raffles. There's no chance of boredom in Hoxton Park.

There is also no shortage of takeaway outlets for the food lovers in the area as there are several of them, including pizza, hot food, Chinese, Indian, Thai, Subway, KFC and Hungry Jacks. All of this plus the Liverpool Catholic Club restaurant would satisfy the desires of most epicures. This suburb has enough of necessary infrastructure to make it an ideal place to settle for singles, couples or families. If this all sounds like your idea of heaven check it out with one of the local real estate agencies. Tell them what you are looking for and they will find it for you sooner than you could do yourself. It won’t take long before you are one of the many enjoying this suburb.

Heard About Horningsea?

By realestateSydney - February 21st, 2012, 17:15, Category: General

Located 39km south west of Sydney is the suburb of Horningsea Park. Horningsea is a recently developed residential area which also includes industrial sites in its eastern boundaries, and is named after an historic estate which was Horningsea Park House. Settled in the 1800s, the land was largely in use for farming and noted development was not to take place until the 1900s. During the years from 1996 to 2001 a growth spurt ensued, only to slow down afterwards, although quite a few new houses were added during that time. The number of residents in this area stands at over 3,500.

Much of the suburban real estate Sydney has been named after places in England which was the birthplace of the owner, and Horningsea Park is one of these areas. It was named by Joshua Moore after the village of Horningsea, Cambridge, England, and the beautiful home that he built on his estate remains today and is heritage listed. This home was also purchased and lived in by the explorer who named Mt Kosciuszko. There are two main roads in Horningsea Park which connect to Liverpool and Camden, and there is a Busabout terminus which provides transport to five surrounding suburbs.

To the north of the suburb stands Cannes Hill Marketplace which is quite a substantial shopping centre and to the south are the popular Trash and Treasure Markets. Other features of this real estate Liverpool are two schools, one being a catholic primary school and the other a public high school, plus a child care centre for the working mums. There is the Cannes Hill Medical Centre and an Optometrist Centre available for those who need these services. In 2011 a new fire truck costing a million dollars was added to the fire fighting equipment of the Horningsea unit, providing protection for not only that area, but also surrounding suburbs.

Some of the local businesses are of course the real estate agencies, takeaway shops including Domino Pizzas and McDonalds, and there is also a florist delivering floral arrangements and gift baskets to areas all over Australia. The Cannes Hill Marketplace contains many of the usual Plaza type stores such as Big W, Woolworths, ALDI, Dick Smith plus many others, making it a great place to head to for a shopping spree. If this sounds like an ideal place for you to live, and you are thinking of a change of pace, why not check out the local real estate agents and check out the many choices available to find your dream home.

Heckenberg in Sydney’s South West

By realestateSydney - February 14th, 2012, 20:59, Category: General

Situated in Sydney’s south west, the suburb of Heckenberg can be found 36 kilometres out of the CBD. Part of the city of Liverpool, Heckenberg was named after a pioneering family when they settled there before 1840. If you are looking at moving to Sydney’s south western suburbs and want to know more details of any, then this article may be for you. Keep reading for more details on the suburb of Heckenberg and to help decide if this real estate Sydney is the suburb you would like to call home.

Heckenberg family history.

Casper Theodore Heckenberg was a master mariner who operated ships in the logging trade between Port Stevens and Sydney. His family purchased land in Liverpool and some of his sons became well known for their woodchopping skills. In total there were eight brothers with one sister in the Heckenberg clan and at the turn of the century James William Heckenberg became the Australasian Woodchopping Champion. Heckenberg belonged to the Green Valley housing estate and in 1960 this estate was subdivided.

Education in Heckenberg.

There is one public school in Heckenberg, the Heckenberg Public School, and they proudly state, ‘Our school exists for children.’ Their school spirit is a strong one and the school’s motto is ‘Honour and Work’. The effective teaching and learning practices that the Heckenberg Public School has strived to develop ensures that individual needs are catered for with Student Welfare, Technology, Numeracy and Literacy being strongly focussed on. The community is encouraged to participate in the local school’s activities and they aim to continually improve student learning outcomes. Catering for school years kindergarten to year 6 the Heckenberg Public School welcomes and respects all people of all different backgrounds and offer many different kinds of services to families depending on what they may need.

Population statistics.

The 2006 census showed that the most common occupations found in the suburb of Heckenberg were those such as labourers, trades workers, technicians and machinery operators and drivers. It was found that among the homes that spoke the English language there were also homes whose languages were Vietnamese and Arabic.

Recreation in Heckenberg.

If you think this real estate Liverpool sounds just like the kind of suburb for you then you will be interested to hear there are quite a few parks in the area. If you take a trip to check out Heckenberg then be sure to see Mannix Park and Whitlam Park as they are the main parks in the suburb.

For more information on the suburb of Heckenberg and properties available the local real estates will be more than happy to help with your enquiries.

Having a Look at Hinchinbrook

By realestateSydney - February 7th, 2012, 21:18, Category: General

If you are checking out the suburbs of Sydney for somewhere to live then this article will leave you more informed about the suburb Hinchinbrook. Relatively new as a residential area, it is 39 kilometres from the CBD in Sydney’s south west. It is surrounded by Banks Road on the East, Cowpasture Road in the West, Hoxton park Road to the South and South Liverpool Road in the North. This suburb is part of the City of Liverpool and was initially called Woodside however the name was changed to Hinchinbrook after the Hinchinbrook Creek that runs through the area.

Hinchinbrook history.

The early 1800’s is when Hinchinbrook first started to be settled and the land was primarily used for dairy farms, vineyards and orchards. It was not until the 1980’s were reached that Hinchinbrook experienced major development. A swift growth stretched into the early 1990’s and when 1996 came the growth slowed. Between 2001 and 2006 there were new properties added to Hinchinbrook and the population increased slightly and property management Sydney grew too.

Education in Hinchinbrook.

There are a few education establishments to choose from when living in Hinchinbrook or the surrounds. Hoxton Park Public School, Hinchinbrook Public School and Middleton Grange Public School are the primary schools on offer and for high schools there is a choice of James Busby High School, Hoxton Park High School and Good Samaritan Catholic College. Each of these schools offers wonderful education and one may specialise in areas the others may not. If you have children who will be attending school and want to seek the best education for them, then a simple phone call or a visit to the schools to discover their individual strengths in education should help with any information you need.

Hinchinbrook lifestyle.

Known for having new affordable family homes, Hinchinbrook has a few different offerings for activities about town. The Uruguyan Social Sporting Club and the Hoxton Park Golf Driving Range are ideal for those seeking to start an active lifestyle or who already participate in sporting activities. For a more relaxed way of living or for having your own kind of outdoor activities with the family, there is the Hoxton Park Reserve and for all your shopping needs there is the Valley Plaza.

To find out more about the suburb of Hinchinbrook you may take a day trip to check out the local scenery if your current living distance allows, contact the local council, or you can contact any real estate Ingleburn.



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