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Reliable Property Management in Macquarie Links

By realestateSydney - April 25th, 2012, 20:13, Category: General

Macquarie Links is located 42km south west of the Sydney CBD and has a growing population. What started out as a gated estate formally became a suburb in 1977 and still retains its gated formality. Macquarie Links boasts its own 18 hole International Golf Club giving the suburb a higher status rating, and keen golfers somewhere to hone their skills. Plans of constructing an international standard hotel were announced which would encompass not only bedrooms, but apartment blocks and golf lodges as well as numerous other additions making it a monumental construction once it was finalized.

Other additions to this prime piece of real estate Liverpool were to be a Crowne Plaza, a gym for active enthusiasts, spa for relaxation, swimming pools and also a lap pool for those in training, conference rooms, a ballroom for dance lovers plus a restaurant and bar for the guestís enjoyment. However by 2010 no news was forthcoming as to if and when this would all be started. Whether or not it would proceed was unknown. Hopefully by now in 2012 some enlightenment should have been made on the subject.

This area of real Estate Sydney has history going back quite a long way. In the same way the suburb was named after Governor Macquarie, many of the streets have been named after places in his Scottish background. Other streets have been named after early British colonials and also some who had land grants given to them. There is plenty of real estate for sale in this area and also rentals available so pop into any agencies or property management firms and check them out. This is an area seeing real growth so you need to get it early before supply cannot keep up with demand.

Business in and around the suburb include Equipment hire, a Kitchenware shop, used cars yard and boat saleyard. Others are florists, child care, blinds maintenance and cleaning, antique restoration, commercial cleaning, and landscaping. Macquarie Fields would be the nearest large shopping centre for topping up the pantry or having a day out to meet up for a coffee. Of course anything you canít find locally is always available in the big smoke, and the Sydney CBD is only a short drive away. Schools and medical services can be found in neighboring suburbs as well as schools. There is railway transport at both Ingleburn and Macquarie Fields stations for those without private vehicles and you would need to get a bus to both destinations.


Property Management in Macquarie Fields

By realestateSydney - April 18th, 2012, 22:19, Category: General

Macquarie Fields once inhabited by the Darug people before white settlement, lies 42km south west of Sydney CBD and had more than 13,000 people in residence. One of the people who received a land grant, James Meehan, named the area after Governor Lachlan Macquarie in appreciation of the land grant. His reason for transportation to the colonies was taking part in the Irish Rebellion, but having trained as a surveyor, his skills were invaluable in forming towns and he received a full pardon in 1806 and then was appointed Surveyor General in 1810. He was given a land grant in appreciation of his valuable skills.

As well as private homes, much of the real estate Macquarie Fields was given over for the use of public housing on land which was once used for growing crops, fruit orchards and grazing cattle. Subdivision of the land in 1833 by the new owner failed in its goal of creating a whole new town due to the Great Depression, as many at that time were living in much the same conditions as the Darug people did. Growth came on slowly after the Second World War ended, with the area seeing the opening of a school in 1958 and the number of residents getting close to the 4,000 mark.

Today Macquarie Fields is a large suburb with more than 13,000 people of all nationalities calling it home. Sensitive property management Sydney of the area has ensured that there are reliable tenants placed into rental accommodation that is available in the area. There are six schools in the area for both primary and secondary students, and the large Glenquarie Shopping Centre for shopping for family needs and more. This infrastructure alone makes this area a viable option for families and real estate agencies will be happy to help you find what you need, whether it is rentals or private buys.

This suburb can also rightfully boast of its well known Macquarie Leisure Centre, which houses an indoor sports area, a gym and indoor pools. Outdoors there is a large Olympic sized swimming pool, great for those who want to keep fit or train up. For outdoor sports activities there are parks available, and foodies will be well satisfied with the restaurants and takeaways here as well. Move in, join an indoor sports team and meet people making new friends at the same time, workout in the gym together, then cool off in the pool. Afterwards get together and go out for a meal somewhere to relax and wind down.

Property Management in Lurnea NSW

By realestateSydney - April 10th, 2012, 19:45, Category: General

The original inhabitants of Lurnea, the Cabrogal people, gave way to the incoming British settlers in the 1800s and the area was previously named Hillview, later changing to Lurnea following WW1 when it was established as a settlement for returned soldiers. Each of them was given an allotment with a home but also enough land for a small farm, most likely with self sufficiency in mind. In the 1970s the area grew and developed into a residential area with the influx of many Vietnam vets returning from the war. With over 7,500 residents, Lurnea is situated 32km west of Sydney, surrounded by the suburbs of Liverpool, Cartwright, Preston and Casula.

Thoughtful property management Sydney has ensured that most areas for concern are covered. Transport in Lurnea is provided by a bus service with different routes available throughout the suburb, and services linking with the Liverpool Railway Station for convenience for commuters. In the northern area of Lurnea, Hoxton Park Road provides easy access to the motorway to the city, and the Westlink M7 to North West Sydney areas. This makes it less stressful for the motorists who opt to drive themselves to their destinations rather than take public transport. Whether public or private, either method of travelling will get you there without a lot of fuss.

Shopping can be done at the Lurnea Plaza, which houses takeaway outlets, grocery supermarkets, barbers and hairdressers as well as an Australian Post agency. Other areas of real estate Ingleburn are businesses not located in the Lurnea Plaza, such as Shop and Office Fittings, child care centres, a Medical Centre and several parks, some for sporting activities and others offering picnic areas and a peaceful setting for families to enjoy a day out together. Take time out to visit the Memorial Park and the Reserve as well as you will find them worth doing so. Visit a different park each weekend and become familiar with them all.

Lurnea has a public primary school which opened in 1960 and caters for children from kindergarten age to year six, as well as a public high school taking students from year seven through to year twelve. This high school was opened in 1965 and has the added advantage of including a unit for the hearing impaired as well as an Intensive English Learning centre for ethnic students. For such a relatively new suburb a lot of thought has gone into providing the necessary infrastructure and even more. There is sure to be more to come in the future.

The Metamorphosis of Property Management Liverpool

By realestateSydney - April 3rd, 2012, 19:51, Category: General

Liverpool is one of the earliest urban areas settled in Australia, and was established in 1810. Originally it was used as a centre for agriculture by Governor Macquarie and was named after the Earl of Liverpool, who was then the Secretary of State the colonies at that time. With a population now exceeding 21,000, it is also one of the largest suburbs of Sydney. In the 1850ís a railway line was established linking Liverpool to Sydney after which the area gained the status of a major centre not only for agriculture, but also for transportation due to the areas high productivity level.

A century later Liverpool real estate Sydney began to emerge from its use as an area for agriculture into an area of suburban housing as the urban sprawl west of Sydney took effect. Large public housing estates sprang up in order to house the lower income working class families. Located 32km south west of the Sydney CBD Liverpool is adequately supplied with transport facilities such as rail travel, bus services and also long distance coach travel. For those who drive their own private vehicles there is easy access to the Hume Highway, and two other motorways for getting to work, schools, shopping or just to surrounding areas and beyond.

Real estate Liverpool has seen much change over many years, and growth has been simply fantastic in this area. As well as its own mini CBD in Macquarie Street, it is also home to a large Westfield Shopping Centre making shopping days convenient and pleasurable. Zoning in the northern part of Liverpool has also made provision for the building of numerous residential apartments, with focus on more commercial areas being built in the southern part of this suburb, giving some indication of future growth levels. As well as boasting the largest public library in Australia, Liverpool has a hospital and two tech colleges, making the area a desirable place to settle in.

Educational facilities come by way of three public primary schools and two public high schools, the aforementioned technical colleges, plus another school which caters for special needs children and children who are hospitalised for long periods and need to keep up with their schooling. Four private schools are also available plus a TAFE college and a few other colleges besides schools for adult learning, languages, and art instruction. For recreational purposes there is a botanical garden, plus sporting parks and other parks for family outings, and there is also the Whitlam Leisure Centre boasting a swimming pool and indoor stadium for sporting activities. For doggy lovers, there are two off leash areas where pets can run around and get exercise, making this the icing on the cake for existing or would be residents.



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