August 2012

Good Presentation Essential for Best Price and Quick Sale

By realestateSydney - August 27th, 2012, 18:51, Category: General

With the property market stirring back into life, many people are contemplating the sale of their residence to upgrade, downsize or move to another location, depending on their life circumstances. Everyone wants to get the best price the market will pay for their property as it gives them extra funds for the next part of their journey. What many people don’t realise is that a property that is presented poorly will attract far fewer inspections and even less offers. The price will also be adversely affected, with buyers looking, not at the best features, but at how much work they will need to do to get the property looking its best.

It’s not difficult the get any real estate ready for sale as long as the owners realise that what they are selling is space, and to create that illusion, they need to de-clutter. Purchasers need to imagine their furniture in this home, and they can’t do that if it is jammed full of nick-nacks, excess furniture items, family photographs, rugs and general mess.

Put all but the large furniture items in storage e.g. a dining room just needs a table and chairs. Do not use a spare room as a storage area, as the people inspecting the property will have difficulty visualising it as a third or fourth bedroom. Clean out the carport or garage so it’s as tidy as the house.

Some of the rooms will need painting, either the whole room or one wall or perhaps the doors or the window trims. Very dark walls should be lightened with a neutral colour. Buyers prefer conservative colours so they can imagine their own possessions in the space.

Clean everything, including light fittings, curtain rods, light switches, door handles, walls, windows and floors. Carpet should be cleaned, curtains washed or dry cleaned, furniture polished, tap fittings rubbed until they shine. Even the humble kitchen sink, usually made of stainless steel will sparkle after a once-over. Grout is notorious for becoming discoloured and should be either cleaned or removed and redone.

Make sure the exterior and yard of the property gets the same treatment. Do a dump run and remove rubbish, old tree branches, etc. Hire a water blaster to remove dirt and oil from paths and driveways, and get someone in to clean and paint the roof. Wash down the exterior walls to remove dirt and cobwebs, weed and tidy garden beds and keep the lawn mowed.

When your real estate Ingleburn agent has inspection days, remove all trace of pets and pet smells, turn on all interior lights and bake a cake or biscuits just beforehand to leave the delicious smell around, without the mess of course. Never leave a bed unmade, and clean the toilet and bathroom, especially the shower.

This may seem like a lot of work, and it could be worth having a specialist presentation company do it for you. The cost will be worth it as good presentation can add thousands of dollars to the sale price, and make buyers easier to find.

Property Management Sydney

By Michale O'sullivan - August 19th, 2012, 20:01, Category: General

With the first vanguard of baby boomers stepping into retirement, in many cases without adequate superannuation, Generation X is starting to realise that they need to take investment seriously if they are to avoid this fate. The GFC rattled everyone’s cage and provided the wake-up call that dropping money into a superannuation fund and expecting the entire investment to keep performing is simply not enough. As we now realise, anything can happen in the world of finance, so it is vital to have a fall-back position, and one of the ideal vehicles for this is an investment property.

Providing a back up to superannuation is not the only reason that investment properties are attractive. Another obvious benefit is the use of negative gearing to reduce a tax liability. This is a legitimate strategy where the income produced on an investment property does not cover the costs of the loan to acquire it. This creates a loss that reduces the investor’s tax liability. With no changes proposed to the negative gearing system, investment properties will continue to be attractive as a tax minimisation strategy.

Another benefit of holding investment properties is the prospect of making a capital gain. This is attractive for two reasons. The first is that capital gains tax is not payable until the property is sold which could be 10 years or more down the track, giving the investor the opportunity to accumulate funds to cover the tax liability. The second is that even though the property market in Australia has suffered in the past couple of years, there are still good gains to be made if the property has been held for some time.

Owning an investment property provides an opportunity for the investor to build sufficient equity in the property to use as security to purchase a second property, then a third or more. A key part of this strategy is to have these investments under professional property management Sydney to maximise the rental incomes. If the acquisition of additional properties is paced to suit the market, the risk of having a mortgage debt that cannot be serviced is reduced. Being forced into the situation of having to sell one or more properties to service the debt of another is a poor outcome that should be avoided.

The investor with a number of properties that are performing well and not burdened with too high a level of debt is in a good position to liquidate a property or two if cash is required for an emergency, or perhaps to top up their superannuation fund. Of course, this depends on the state of the property market at that time, but it does provide the investor with a sense of security that more than one option is available if required.

These long-term strategies will provide the greatest benefit to Generation X, who has the opportunity to start working now on using investment properties to supplement their superannuation. If they arrive at retirement as poorly prepared as the baby boomers they only have themselves to blame.


By realestateSydney - August 14th, 2012, 19:25, Category: General

If you’re in the market for rentals, sales or property management Sydney then you will be very interested to know who you can expect the very best service from in all areas of real estate.

Operating since March 2011, Prudential Real Estate has taken years of industry knowledge and expertise and competently provide outstanding services to their clients from four offices across Sydney’s south-west. These offices boast more than twenty years experience in the local real estate market and successfully implement the sale of approximately 500 residential homes and also manage a large rental portfolio for many happy owners of investment properties. Prudential Real Estate aim to, and will no doubt, achieve a steady growth in its success and open more offices in additional suburbs of Sydney and more.

The Campbelltown office of Prudential Real Estate first opened its doors in 1988 before becoming Prudential Real Estate. With highly qualified agents Michael and Josephine O’Sullivan at the controls since the very beginning, it’s easy to see why the Campbelltown office is so highly regarded and keeps around 5000 property owners extremely happy. So reliable is the service at Prudential that many are thrilled they made the change. B. O’Grady wrote, “I am writing to congratulate you and your team on a most professional service. My husband and I moved to Prudential because we were dissatisfied with the service at (agents name withheld) and we have never looked back.”

The Ingleburn and Macquarie Fields offices are equally popular and reliable, striving everyday to make a real difference in the real estate industry and offering clients a very satisfying client service couple with a ‘family image’. You are not just another client with the friendly team at the Ingleburn and Macquarie Fields offices. The experience they want you to have is a very positive one and every measure is taken to ensure this.

Just like the rest, the Liverpool office offers high quality client service and each team member is driven to achieve success every time. They are efficient, honest and respectful and are recognised by the community as a caring, reliable real estate. Diego Guerrero was very impressed and wrote, " We can gratefully say our faith has been restored in real estate. Our previous experience was not very pleasant, but after dealing with Khayal, it was a wonderful experience."

If your real estate needs find you looking for reliable and honest service in the south-west suburbs of Sydney then contact Prudential Real Estate. Whatever your needs, you will never look back.

Know-How Needed for Commercial Property Investments to Generate Profit

By realestateSydney - August 6th, 2012, 23:32, Category: General

No-one goes into the investment property market to deliberately lose money unless they have some shady tax haven, so it goes without saying that the goal for the investor is to increase their wealth. Most independent investors in Australia who are looking to build an investment portfolio of any size generally start first with residential property, and there is nothing wrong with that strategy. This leaves the commercial real estate market largely to the biggest players, and there are very good reasons why they are there – to generate maximum return on their investment and make a profit.

The commercial real estate market is made up of a very diverse group of properties. Generally they include industrial facilities, office buildings, retail outlets, warehouses, single shop buildings and others. The main difference between these properties and residential real estate is that they are leased out to tenants as a workspace rather than for somewhere to live. Like any business enterprise, there are advantages and disadvantages to holding investment dollars in these properties.

The biggest advantage of commercial real estate is the leasing rates which generally perform strongly over time, especially in areas where commercial use land is in short supply. They also generate substantial monthly cash flow, and are leased over a much longer period of time than residential. This gives the investor stability over their cash flow, as most leases are at least twelve months, and some run for as much as 5 to 10 years.

In commercial property, the leasing rates are usually calculated as price per square metre, and boom and bust cycles aside, CBD properties generally lease at a much higher price than those in the suburbs. Industrial buildings usually lease at a lower price per square metre, but the upside is that the overheads for these type of properties are usually not as high as, for example, an inner city office tower.

The regulatory framework in which these premises are required to operate is the biggest disadvantage. Local government by-laws and zoning, occupation health and safety regulations and environmental laws are just some of the legal processes that must be negotiated and complied with. The next issue that can cause problems is that each tenant will have very specific requirements so that if tenant turnover is high, there will be a lot of expense involved in refurbishing the premises to suit.

Residential Real Estate Sydney is an attractive investment because most people already understand how housing investment works. Commercial real estate is very different, and requires specialised knowledge, or staff members on the payroll who have those skills. This suggests that the ideal commercial investor would be someone who is already quite wealthy. It is not suited to the Mum and Dad investor who wants to build up some retirement income but without any hassles.

Large superannuation funds are among the biggest investors in commercial property. With the baby boomers now approaching retirement, and their investment portfolios stuttering back to life, their hope is that commercial property will perform well enough to claw back some return into the superannuation funds.



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