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Rental Accommodation is Still a Home – Choose it Carefully

By realestateSydney - September 24th, 2012, 21:52, Category: General

As the demographics of the country change with the passing of time, home ownership, while still quite high in comparison to other countries, is not the Holy Grail it once was. Many people are making a conscious decision, for all kinds of reasons, to rent permanently or at least for an extended period of time. The market is meeting this growing demand by supplying high quality homes and units in desirable locations, and the spectre of renting is not the onerous situation it once was. However, there are a few things to take into account if you are moving into a rental situation for the first time.

The most important issue to check first is how the property is managed. For tenants and lessors alike, the most seamless and hassle-free arrangement is to rent through a property management services agency. These are property management professionals who take all the steps required by law to protect both the tenant and the lessor, have sound business systems in place so that your bond and rental payments are secure, and attend promptly to any maintenance or nuisance issue you may have.

The location of the property is also important. It should be handy to transport if you need to commute, and be situated in an area that suits your lifestyle. For example, young professionals without families usually like near to inner city living close to entertainment and dining facilities. However, many inner city rentals have restricted access to parking facilities and this could be an issue if you have a couple of vehicles. If you need public transport, check first how available and reliable it is.

If you have a young family, your preference may be for a property with some yard space with a park close by. Schools, sporting and recreational facilities, proximity to shopping centres, whether there are other families living around you, medical and hospital facilities all need to taken into account during the search for the ideal rental property. These are questions you can ask of the property management Sydney agency.

It is also wise to inspect a number of properties so that objective comparisons can be made. Often, for around the same price you may get a much superior property. During the inspection, look carefully at all features, taking as much time as you need to get a solid feel for the place. Be upfront if you have pets. Discuss the issue rather than sneaking the pet in and hiding it during inspections. You may be able to negotiate to pay a higher rental and for professional cleaning when you vacate.

Getting the right property in a rental is just as important as if you were buying the property. A tenant who is happy with where they are living will take care to look after the property and create a true home environment. Take your time, look carefully at your needs and what the property has to offer before you sign anything.

The Importance of Rental Property Preparation

By realestateSydney - September 16th, 2012, 23:45, Category: General

Renting out a property is not just about creating yourself a source of income. There is a lot of responsibility that comes with being a property investor and also some preparation needs to take place when you are going to put your home up for rent.

First and foremost you need to ensure that the property you intend to rent is considered safe and livable. There is a difference between having a tenant and having a great tenant who is reliable and pays the rent on time. If you want to attract the right tenant then you need to ensure your rental property is the kind of home the right tenant wants to live in.

Making sure that all electrical items are in good working condition, and that rooms such as the kitchen and bathroom not only look nice but function well is an essential requirement. It is amazing what a difference a coat of paint and maybe even some fresh carpet can do to lift a home if it is a bit aged.

If gardens are present it is important that these are presented well as on approaching your rental property, this is the first thing a prospective tenant will see. Making certain that the property is neat and tidy also sets a benchmark on how you expect the premises to be treated.

One fantastic way of having all the right work carried out on your home for renting is to hire property management Macarthur. They can organise and oversee any entry and exit cleans, pest inspections and treatments and garden maintenance that is required and will be able to advise on items you could improve to better your rental capability. They also have access to being able to properly screen tenants who apply to reside in your property.

After your property manager has expertly overseen the needed groundwork to get consistent tenants into your investment they will also be able to organise all the appropriate paperwork that is legally required for rentals. It will be their responsibility to have all documentation signed and copies given to parties involved.

From this point you could expect a hassle free tenancy to occur and should the need for any dispute resolution arise, your property manager will know exactly what to do. So save yourself the hard work and heart ache of taking care of your rental property yourself and have a property manager do the hard work for you.

Need a New Property Agent? Some Questions You Should Ask to Get the Best

By realestateSydney - September 10th, 2012, 22:50, Category: General

One of the biggest issues investment property owners have is finding a managing agency that is serious about taking a professional interest in the properties in their care. A common complaint is that the agent treats the property like a cash cow that rakes in money with little effort on their part. Not picking up damage at inspections, or missing them altogether, not checking tenant backgrounds carefully enough and having shoddy financial and reporting systems that owners find difficult to follow are all signs that the agent is not acting in the best interest of the client i.e. the property owner.

Not all real estate agents and property managers are this unprofessional, but unfortunately, the actions of a few can leave property owners worrying about the state of their investment, especially if they live interstate or overseas. However there are many dedicated property managers in the market who actually enjoy the role and go to a lot of trouble to match a good tenant with the type of dwelling they want, so that everyone wins.

A property owner looking around to change agents, or to place a property under management for the first time, should compare several likely agencies and look for particular aspects of service delivery that would be expected in a professional agency. A key consideration is that the agency offers the property owner the same person, a dedicated property manager, who looks after the same portfolio of properties without chopping and changing. This allows the person to get to know the property well, its features as well as it challenges, and what type of tenant it will suit.

Other issues to look for are the quality of their advertising which should be indicative of the type of tenant they want to attract. It should be far-reaching so there is opportunity to draw in as many enquiries as possible so the tenant selection is made from a range of candidates. There should be a rigorous checking process to ensure the tenant has a stable background, no outstanding issues with past property rentals and has sufficient income to meet the rent being asked.

Preparation of the legal documents such as the Tenancy Agreement should be impeccable, and the agency systems should include a direct debit facility so that the payment of rent is seamless and automatic. Enquiries about the professional training of the agency staff should reveal that they are fully conversant with all regulatory requirements of tenancy, and can confidently represent the property owner in court if necessary.

How the agent manages the end of lease process is another key issue, with a good agent making sure that the property is clean and ready for the next tenant. The icing on the cake will be their reporting systems that should follow industry standards, providing financial and taxation information that is easy to understand and welcomed by the property owner’s accountant at tax time, rather than causing extra expense and hassle because it is inaccurate or shoddily presented.

As a property owner, you want to make sure that your valuable real estate Liverpool investment is in the best hands, so asking these questions and checking the potential agencies thoroughly is your right as the client. If the agency is professional and serious about managing large property assets, they will gladly offer references and other information to secure your business.

Selling your Own Home

By realestateSydney - September 3rd, 2012, 0:05, Category: General

You are going to, at some time; want to sell a property that you own. There can be any number of reasons for this decision but, whatever the reason; you want the best possible deal that you can get. It is important to decide from the outset whether or not you want to sell using a real estate agent or whether you want to sell your house yourself or through an auction. Prudential Real Estate is there to assist you in making this important decision.

The main advantage of not selling through a realtor is that there are no commissions to pay. This usually results in both the buyer and seller splitting the difference. Say, for example, that the commission translates to 6% - on a sale of $100 000, this would be $6000. This commission can translate into quite a saving for a potential buyer.

There are some other advantages as well – you are able to decide who you are going to let into your house – although a professional estate agent is quite good at sussing out serious buyers from undesirable characters, they do have a duty to show your house to a number of people. If you conduct these interviews yourself, you will be able to pick up whether or not they are serious buyers. You can also arrange to show the house to more than prospective set of buyers at a time. (This also lets everyone know that there is some serious interest in the house.)

Of course, whilst a realtor is great at listing the benefits of your home, they haven’t invested as much time and care as what you have – potential buyers will be able to better pick up good sales points from you than from real estate listings. A downside is, of course, that the buyers will naturally consider you biased.

When selling your property without a property management Macarthur specialist, you will also be in full control of the all the sales steps. The buyer will make their offer directly to you and you will be able to accept or counter it directly – without having to communicate through a third party.

There are, however, a lot of disadvantages to selling your property on your own and a case can be made that all the above-mentioned positives could turn out to be negative. Before you make any kind of decision whatsoever, it is important to discuss the matter with a professional and reputable real estate agent. Prudential Real Estate is interested in creating the perfect environment for you to sell your home – even if that means advising you to sell the property on your own or via auction.

An agent from Prudential Real Estate will come out and give you an obligation free appraisal. You will also be able to fully discuss your options with them and will be able to then decide whether or not you want to take advantage of the personal service offered to them – from the marketing of your home to the vetting of potential buyers – all with the interests of saving you valuable time and in getting the best possible deal for your home.

Sarah was dead set against using a real estate agent when it came to selling her flat. She changed her mind after speaking to Prudential Real Estate. She says that having them handle everything was such a time saver that she will never consider selling on her own again.

When it came to selling his mum’s house, Bob was a bit worried about getting a good price – he knew nothing at all about how to go about finding the right buyers. He says that Prudential Real Estate and their extensive experience and database came in in just the nick of time. Bob believes that Prudential really wants what’s best for their clients.

To find out why Bob and so many other clients are extremely happy they are with Prudential, contact them today and prepare for the best outcome possible.



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