What You Shouldn’t DIY in Electrical and Plumbing Works in Rental Homes

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If you are a rental property owner, the chances are that you would want to keep expenses on your property as low as possible. It is this goal that leads some property owners to attempt do-it-yourself (DIY) on repair and maintenance works in the rental homes.

Not all repair and maintenance tasks can be handled by a property owner, however. Repair works such as complicated electrical and plumbing must be entrusted to the hands of licensed professionals only. There are dangers that could result from the mishandling of electrical and plumbing works.

Aside from the possible dangers, it is also possible that you could be charged for illegal work if you handle some electrical and plumbing work. There are certain plumbing and electrical tasks that are strictly to be done by licensed professionals. As a property owner, you should be careful about fiddling in repair works that are beyond your capacity.

What Tasks Can You DIY?

As a property owner, you are free to carry out repairs on the property, provided that they are simple tasks. For example, you can change the shower head in the bathroom, or you can also replace a washer in the tap, or replace the faucet.

If the task is the mere installation of light bulbs or garden lights, then this can be done by the property owner. It is also safe to perform other simple tasks such as installing a smoke detector that runs on batteries.

Let Professionals Handle It

Although it is possible to find helpful guides that will help you fix some electrical and plumbing problems in your rental home, it is still not a very good idea to risk it. First, there are the potential dangers that may happen if you make mistakes in the repairs. If you do not make the repairs correctly, it might cost so much more than if you had hired a professional to make the repair in the first place.

Problems with electrical wirings, electrical boxes and breakers should not be messed with. These should be inspected and fixed by duly certified electrical technicians. The same goes for plumbing systems. Unless you are only trying to see if a plunger can unclog the drain, it is best to leave plumbing and sewage issues in the hands of professional plumbers.

Electrical and plumbing repairs can be monitored with the help of a reliable real estate Sydney service. If you are entrusting your rental home to Prudential Real Estate, you can be assured of regular monitoring of the condition of the property.

Prudential Real Estate (www.prudential.com.au) conducts regular inspections of the property and obtains repair requests from tenants. From there, it should be easy to determine if the repair requires the services of licensed electricians or plumbers. 



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